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visual evidence

Aug. 9th, 2006 | 03:23 pm
mood: peacefuldiva-ish

http://jellowrestle.com/gallery/brianvan/ -- for photos of punk rock jello wrestling. I'm the one who...well, I'm probably recognizable.

Oh, and there of pictures of Hawaiian jello wrestling from May here:
and also here:

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obviously British

Aug. 7th, 2006 | 03:30 pm
mood: tiredtired

So last night was fairly hilarious. It was a very, very good jello wrestling night. Jolie and I showed up in full (though slightly inaccurate and anachronistic) punk regalia, posing as Jenny Rancid and Sally Nasty of the The Screw Rifles. Zorikh played Malcolm, our manager, and Diana was the Hillbilly Hussy, our country music nemesis. We had a whole storyline worked out in which the band broke up over Sally's heroin-like french fry addiction, complete with a fry flinging intermission show and rancorous sabotaging of each other's later matches. Highlights of the night included providing the DJ with our own soundtrack to play, shouting British obsenities at all and sundry in horrific accents, and telling the Purple Passion that she looked like a bloody disco queen and posed no threat to me. Of course, PP was rather pissed at me over the beating with inflatable guitar incident and heartlessly demolished me. But whatever. The very best bit of all was this conversation from after the show:

Random British Girl: So what brings you lot to New York? Are you touring?
Me: We live here.
RBG: But you're obviously British!
Me: What?! Those were fake accents; this is how we really sound.
RBG (quite crushed): But you sounded so close to home for me! No, really, where are you from?
Me: Originally, the Midwest.
RBG: No! Say something in a Midwestern accent.
Me: Umm, this IS a Midwestern accent.

Poor girl didn't seem too drunk, but I wonder now if she wasn't close to unconciousness; they were really bad accents we were doing.

So, yes, mad wild fun. Which is as it should be as I spent the day before doing nothing but watching Lost on DVD and chainmailing in preparation for Burning Man. And I am spending today rather exhausted with a sore foot that I don't remember injuring in the ring and a new appreciation of the fact that one can only shout "Bollocks!" and "Anarchy!" for so long before losing one's voice. Still, jujitsu tonight.

And to be totally non-sequential, the demo on Friday was good. Unremarkable, but good. Then after the presentation bits a guy approached us who badly wanted to know how to get into wrestling/meet wrestlers. We offered him a few two-minute trial bouts right then. Jolie got his contact info and emailed explaining session wrestling. Now he is proposing taking me out to dinner. Only he is proposing it to Jolie because hers is the only contact info he has. So now she is talking business and he is talking social outings, and I uninterested in accepting or giving him my number. It is convoluted, silly, and annoying.

The end.

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(no subject)

Aug. 3rd, 2006 | 08:59 am

The band of superheroines is to be known as the DoomMaiden Posse, name courtesy of me. We now have weekly jujitsu training sessions set up, an appearance scheduled for this Friday assisting at a fetish club's erotic wrestling demo, an elaborate storyline about the glory days and bitter break-up of the Screw Rifles (featuring my punk character, naturally) to bring to jello wrestling on Sunday, and a business meeting with the heroinewrestling.com video guy next week. Meanwhile, Karen thinks she can loan me a bunch of SCA armor, so I should be doing actual armed combat training by the end of the month, I have the prospect of at least two more paid wrestling sessions with Steve, and I should probably take Zorikh up on that offer to produce trading cards for me.

The one negative here -- misconstrued retroactive networking.
Jolie to me: "Oh, you know a sub who's into wrestling? That's a great contact. Tell him about our thing this Friday."
Me to Chris: "Hi, so it's been a while, but I'm doing this demo Friday..."
Chris to me: "OMG! You called me! What are you doing tonight? Wanna get drinks?"
Me to self: "Fuck."
Yes, trading cards. Would add an air of professional distance. And Chris very much inspires me to want to keep men on the other side of cash transactions.

And now the sheer surreality of my having no news but that pertaining to professional wrestling causes me to ponder: What the hell else is going on in my life? Um, school soon. Need to pay for classes and get an MMR booster because I appear to be the only person in modern America to have slipped through the undergraduate vaccination regulations. Burning Man sooner. Costume is not so ready. Must chainmail like a fiend these next few weeks. Then get busy with feathers.

Oh! Soonest of all -- Family reunion when my parents drive Lisa back to Dickinson. I shall get the train to Harrisburg and join them. Ahh, I have just realized this means that I don't have to mail Skip his birthday present but shall rather be able to hand deliver it. Excellent, as the only post office remotely convenient to me is indefinetly closed due to computer failure. Ramble, ramble, I'm done now.

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Jul. 28th, 2006 | 04:32 pm

Jujitsu last night was tons of fun. Highly entertaining people, very helpful instruction, and the occasional cry of, "Stop, we must test that move for dramatic effect!" interrupting drills. Also I kicked ass, which was pretty great.

Afterwards we watched a bit of Who Wants to Be a Superhero, discussed how Jolie could totally have made the cut if she'd gotten the application tape in on time, and played with costumes. The decision reached seems to be that I shall be a manic punk rock superhero. With power bolts. Who does not shout 'shazaam!'(tm) but something appropriately similar. Ahh, this haircut - more 80's than having '80's' shaved onto my head.

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(no subject)

Jul. 27th, 2006 | 09:28 am

Eventually I shall have exciting trip pictures up. But not today. And not tomorrow. I renounce promptness and all its works.

But speaking of photos -- tonight is the first ever club meeting and photo shoot of the brand new All-Female Superhero Posse, which my friend Jolie is organizing and of which I comprise one-fifth. Costuming, weaponry, combat, stage names...and most likely a better name for the group. I just hope we don't end up calling it Zorikh's Angels -- and it's doubtful we would as Zorikh would rather have paratroopers than angels any day. Anyway, we think we can eventually get video, photo, and booked performance work through this. Tonight shall be mostly meeting and brainstorming characters and looks, but also playing with the camera and jujitsu practice. I am ever so delighted about this.

And yesterday was my first session wrestling appointment. Sort of. It was actually a mini history of session wrestling + basic moves class put together by a guy who's been a long-time client. Still, I got paid for it. Paid, for taking a class. Slightly baffling, but pretty great. What might have been the lowlight of the night but was actually pretty funny was being told, "Your schtick would be the girl next door act. For people who aren't body builders, and aren't martial artists, and aren't models." In retrospect, I could literally have kicked Steve's ass for that, but truth and tactlessness amuse me too much.

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i totally get my wish

Jul. 19th, 2006 | 03:25 pm

To follow up on my rather obsessive previous post -- more Pirates stuff. Just checked IMDB, and it is as I hoped. That whole thing about Keith Richards playing Jack's father that was supposed to happen in the second movie then didn't? Is happening in the third. Giddy happy. So delighted. The original clipped-out news story (with pictures, of course) announcing the second movie casting is still pinned up in my room back in Indiana if Mom hasn't cleaned and scrapped. On some topics I'm way too proud to be geeky.

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a fine distraction

Jul. 19th, 2006 | 09:13 am
mood: amusedhighly amused

I am back, and though an accounting of my travel-ventures might be appropriate at this juncture, there is a whole massive photo compilation project currently underway, and I shall offer up the whole Australian package when it is complete.

Instead may I direct your attention to Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog, a most promising-looking site, which I have just discovered. I may need one of tee-shirts -- "All Your Aquitaine Are Belong to Us," most likely, though the vowel shift and Dylan lyrics in Middle English ones are also tempting. The feature article, at the moment is "A Pyrates Lyf for Chaucer."

That reminds me, actually, that I have been negligent in posting rant/review/scary thing about Pirates II. Should have found an Internet cafe and done that the moment Lisa and I saw it in Random Small Australian Town. So...Yo ho ho and a bottle of spoilers!Collapse )

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Jun. 23rd, 2006 | 10:50 am
mood: excitedraring to go

A message for all my beloved friends, adoring fans, creepy-ass stalkers, and random disinterested people who wonder why they are now bothering to read this:

Today at 5:15 p.m. I will be on a plane, and that plane will be taking off for Papeete, where it will connect with a flight that will take me to AUSTRALIA!!!! Possibly I shall post exciting updates of my travels as I go. Possibly, as accomodation plans for this trip involve knocking on ranchers' doors and asking if we can pitch a tent in their pasture/pitching a tent and hoping we are not seen and shot for trespassing, I will be prevented from posting by either a total lack of computers or death.

In any event, back in three weeks! Ta!


- Anne

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it keeps getting wackier

Jun. 21st, 2006 | 11:07 am

So today my inbox contained a message which read, in summary:

Hello, I don't know who you are, but I found your email address in my wallet and assume I acquired sometime when I was too drunk to remember it later. If you have been to any of these parties: (list of parties), I probably met you there. I would like to invite you to my own party this Friday in which I will liberate all the lighters I've been stealing from people for years by handing them out to all the guests. Please come, and do not set my apartment on fire.

Happily, I do remember the circumstances of the email exchange -- this was Kevin from Gnome Love, and he was supposed to hook me up with a gnome to take to Australia for photography purposes. Would totally go to this party if I weren't going to be on an out-of-country flight at the time. As I would meet Tony and Rosanna for jujitsu training earlier that night. The one thing I don't like about fantastically awesome adventures is the inevitable trade-off effect. There should be, like, TiVo for life -- I will be off galivanting from Date X to Date Y, please record all spiffy events taking place within that period so that I may experience them at my convenience upon my return. Would rock. I could have done Pippin at Oberlin. Yes, all of you, sneer if you like; it's still my favorite musical.

Anything else? Ehm, fighter practice was fun last night, though attendance was low and I have yet to acquire armor. I sat and kept Jolie and her broken foot company, and we watched Zorikh (well over six feet) thwap Lee (shorter than me) about the head for a while. We made plans for renewed mayhem when I return and Jolie's foot is healed, which should be more or less concurrent.

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(no subject)

Jun. 15th, 2006 | 03:23 am
mood: tiredasleep

So due to the general coolness of the event and a slight dread that wrath would descend upon me from a Bostonly direction if I missed it, I made my way tonight to the Gnome Love party at the Love club. Courtney accompanied me, and we had a most excellent time painting on the gnome mural, posing for gnome photos, listening to gnome erotica read-alouds, and watching gnome strippers. Also dancing, watching and trying hooping, chilling in the giant people-sized cat climbing thing, and drinking dandelion wine, which turned out to be not wine at all but a shady dandelion syrup cut with tequila.

I got a gnome hat and a promise from Random Guy Kevin that Gnome Camp will provide me a gnome to take to Australia for photography purposes. The best and wort part of the party was how uncrowded the dance floor was -- all those swirly lights all to myself, yay! But sad there was not better turn out. Need to find that bar again -- I really liked the brilliant climbing room.

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