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I feel like I ought to be all behind in news since my last post, but nothing really specific has been going on. Last Wednesday, the DoomMaidens met with Ed of heroinewrestling, and all agreed it would mutually beneficial to work together. It turns out the way heroinewrestling works is that every girl gets a superheroine and a supervillianess character to play, which will be developed with the company and are sometimes based on fan requests. So I shall be amassing new personas in addition to the ridiculous punk rock one. And the truly wack bit is that upon development of a character, Ed sends away to his seamstress in China for a way old-school spandex suit. The resulting aesthetic is, well, intensely spandex-y. All this is on hold, however, until after Pennsic and Burning Man.

The weekend turned out to be far more entertaining than expected as Basil called Saturday morning and decreed, "YOU ARE MEETING ME AT THE HUMANWINE CONCERT TONIGHT!" Which I could not do what with having plans to meet Courtney and Carter at the hookah bar (was first one there, bar was empty, bartender decided was good idea to hit on me, danced to Arabic pop music, now get free wine in addition to free baklava), but we all met up after the concert and proceeded to discover the most amazingly posh late-night bordello diner in the city. Hung out on Sunday, too, doing nothing in particular, and ended up at another bordello bar, less posh and possibly more haunted. Felt a trend developing, but then made next stop at a wannabe-Australian jazz bar, which might have been trying for bordello-y judging by the bead-covered seance lamp but wasn't quite sure how to do it judging by the stuffed and mounted deer's head. Always fun.

Otherwise, I've generally been planning to get tons of useful stuff done and, oh-so typically, lazing about and accomplishing a quarter of it. WILL get the damn costume done before Burning Man. WILL. And I did just reserve my airport-to-desert transportation, which turned out to be affordable for a change. That, at least, rocks.

And another thing thing I have managed to successfully, if less affordably, complete is all of my fall shopping. I was lured into a fabulous store where everything is five times more than I can afford by a "Sale" sign meaning that everything was temporarily only three times out of range. Then proceeded to my eternal shopping nemesis, Rugby, where I'd been waiting for certain things to go on sale. Found they were instead now sold out. Ended up paying more to have items shipped from the Charlottesville store. Managed to translate fall wardrobe acquisition into the purchase of four shirts. They're really fantastic shirts, though. Also a completly impractical punky skirt because of this at-the-mercy-of-the-80's thing I'm curently doing. Belatedly recalled I was going to be thrifty so that I might be able to replace disgusting apartment carpet within the month. Then recalled I have not yet cashed in my commuter's compensation at work. Crazy cushy union perks. Bwa-ha!

Have been doing a fairly good job of going to the gym lately. Am planning to skip tonight so as to brew beer and rearrange all the furniture in my room. Figure slinging about 6-gallon fermenters and structurally unsound dressers counts as a workout. Wonder what happened to the pronouns in this paragraph? Killed them. Killed them all.

Yeah, and I didn't have anything to report. Well, actually, I didn't; I just blather readily.
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